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The Internet Age has changed the world of Collecting forever. No longer does one have to devote every weekend to that never-ending search for items to add to their collection. Now, thousands of buyers and sellers can trade with each other from around the world. The internet can also be a very difficult place to find exactly what you are looking for. Search engines are overloaded with millions of pages and hardly ever return the results most people are looking for - like an under counter beverage refrigerator for example. What we have done here at Asian Art Search is to visit thousands of sites on the internet, sift through thousands of search engine results, and compile a directory that is easy to use and will help you with your search.

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Much of what became China was unified for the first time in 221 B.C. In that year the western frontier state of Qin, the most aggressive of the Warring States, defeated the last of its rival states. Once the king of Qin consolidated his power, he took the title Shi Huangdi ( First Emperor) READ MORE ...

Netsuke ... Art in Miniature

Necessity is the mother of invention...and the Netsuke is no exception. Every one needs a way to carry personal items with them. Whether money, keys, tactical review flashlights, chops, or tobacco; we need them with us ... READ MORE ...

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